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Let Me Count the Ways. . .

It's time to have a really serious conversation about the ways that cauliflower has saved my life.

Going low carb means that this All-American girl was going to do away with potatoes? Going low carb meant this All Asian-American girl was going to do away with white rice? Going low carb meant this Girl Raised in The South meant I was going to do away with GRITS?

And what about hash brown casserole?!?!

Let's get SERIOUS.

And so, as I say, cauliflower saved my life. Mashed cauliflower was a game changer thanks to Pinch of Yum and this recipe. But now it's Loaded Cauliflower soup instead of Loaded Potato Soup - Cauliflower Fried Rice. It's Shrimp and Cheesy "Cauligrits." I'm summoning the courage to try General Tso' Cauliflower. . . . . It's going to happen.

SO today I played with a whole head of cauliflower - three trials for the price of one: Hash Brown Casserole Reload, Cheesy Cauligrits, and Reloaded "Potato" Soup. It's all about the preparation. Different methods yield different textures. For the casserole, a box grater. Cauligrits, an immersion blender. Soup, food processor or Vitamix.

The key was the cheesy sauce - now that I have that figured out, it's going to become the base for . . . well, everything.

But perhaps the bravest thing I tried was Cauliflower Fried Rice.



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