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Larry and Hank 2008
Ocean Street at Dan McGuinness
P-Dawg and his guacamole
Cherokee Crossing Hacienda, 2009
Larry and Chagalls, 2010
Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2010
Supkos 2010
Mims 2012
Coach's bday 2013
Honey, I'm Home
Hopping the fence
Larry and Macon
VFW Proper
Happy bday, RyRy
And God bless us, everyone
Christmas 2012
Here's to Us
Under the mistletoe
NyNy Time
Ryan and Brian with their babies
Supkos last night in the VFW
Christmas Lights 2013
Christmas 2013
Visit to Urban Grub
Christmas 2014
Fripp Island 2016
Hub and his red onions 2016
Goldmans visit Coach at 218

Who knew this gang would become the Nashville family that would anchor me.

Who knew they would bring me back from Switzerland?

Who knew they would keep me from moving to New York?

Who knew they would all circle back, even if we have scattered from our VFW Cherokee Crossing chapter?

God Bless America.

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