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Mrs. Wagster's Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas

As teachers, we are not supposed to have favorites. But somehow these three characters: Jack, Sam, and Wilson grabbed hold of my heart and made my laugh more than most. It was a dear night when Mrs. Wagster gathered us all together to celebrate my departure to New York that never came to pass. And the irony, of course, is it is dear hearts like theirs that kept me, that will keep me, in Nashville. For good.

They even used purple wrapping paper.

Maybe because it’s fairly new, but this is one of the few recipes that I will suddenly crave on a weeknight. So, I’ll enter her recipe exactly as she emailed it to me when I asked for it. However, this past year, I used a shredded rotisserie chicken instead of browning chicken breasts. I’ve also substituted whole milk instead of heavy cream, and I’m also happy to report this freezes in individual portions really well!

6 boneless chicken breasts(roasted with 1 stick butter, little white wine, garlic powder, salt / pepper for 45ish minutes @ 375º F or until browned on top.)

Flour Tortillas

Heavy Cream

Sour Cream

Mexican Shredded Cheese

Verde Sauce (I use Herdez - salsa verde)

~ Roast chicken - cool - then shred with fork in large bowl. Mix in a couple of huge handfuls of the cheese and toss. I just eyeball this. I like lots of cheese, so if you want to do a little more or less that's fine. Set aside.

~ In a small non-stick skillet, warm up heavy cream on low.

~ Take flour tortillas and dip in cream both sides then pull out...let drip...and place on cutting board.

~ Get handful of chicken mixture and place across the entire center of tortilla.

~ Roll up and place in 9x13 greased pan. Continue this process until pan is full.

~ Pour remaining cream in pan up to about 1/2 way up pyrex or enchilada pan.

~ Use more cream if necessary to get to the 1/2 way mark. This keeps the enchiladas moist....

~ In a small bowl, put a container of sour cream...mix with verde sauce to taste. I like it to be close to 1/2 &1/2 maybe slightly more sour cream. Pour sour cream mixture over enchiladas.

~ Cover with Mexican cheese.

~ Bake at 350º for 30-45 minutes until slightly browned on top.



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