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Better than Baltusrol Mashed Potatoes

If I have one vivid memory of helping with dinner as a child, it is always peeling the potatoes. One night, Dad and MaryEllen came running in to my shrieking; I had peeled a chunk off my forefinger. MaryEllen wrapped my finger in a paper towel as I jumped in place. Always helpful, Dad looked in the sink declaring, “Well, I can’t find it, I guess the potatoes will be a little lumpier tonight.” . . .

Five years ago, I was in Summit, NJ to visit the Moores. Uncle Craig and John were in New Zealand. After suggesting we cook together, Will even mentioned that he would miss the potatoes at Balusrol. So, we set out to make them better than Baltusrol’s. The answer, of course, was butter, lots of it and Cook’s Illustrated’s tip: ALWAYS add butter before cream.

My Will before his Middlebury graduation

Better-than-Baltusrol Mashed Potatoes

8 Yukon Gold potatoes

6 cloves of garlic

1 stick of butter, melted

1 cup of heavy cream

1 tsp. garlic salt

Salt and pepper to taste

1 T parsley, chopped

~ Peel and cube potatoes. Add to cold water and bring to boil. Boil until tender.

~ Add cream and garlic to small sauce pan over medium - do NOT boil.

~ Drain potatoes and mash (Mixing in the Kitchen Aid has been my secret to getting them smooth.)

~ Add butter first and mix. Discard garlic cloves and add cream.

~ Potatoes will be soupier than you’re used to! COVER with foil for ten minutes.

~ Garnish with chopped parsley.


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