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Secret Ingredient Gravy

I had no idea the first year that I made gravy for Christmas dinner at Hickory Hill how much gravy the 18 people would need. I made a meager saucepan of it, and Susi came over my shoulder with questioning eyes. I made a second pot on the spot and learned my lesson.

At Thanksgiving, I made it straight in the drippings pan while the turkey rested. Annddd since it was an adult Thanksgiving, I took some liberties... It was so good I froze it to take to Doug for Christmas.

Christmas came, and I made my dutiful POT of gravy and served the reheated stuff along side it. NO ONE TOUCHED THE OTHER GRAVY. Catie Beth begged me for the secret ingredient. Uhhhh. . . maple syrup, yeah, that's it. It's NOT the bourbon. . . (Boy, am I in trouble with Papaw.)

5 T of turkey fat and drippings

5 T of flour

3 T of Belle Meade Bourbon

2 T of maple syrup.

~4 cups of HOT turkey stock (separated 1 and 3 cups)

2 T of milk, cream, whatever

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

~ With the roasting pan from the turkey, remove all fat and veggies, but reserve 5 T of fat.

~ Return 5 T of fat to pan and whisk in 5 T of flour over med. heat.

~ Cook for five minutes so that the roux becomes dark.

~ Whisk in a cup of the turkey broth to bring the roux together.

~ Add 3 T of Belle Meade Bourbon and whisk for three to five minutes so the alcohol burns off.

~ Add 2 T of maple syrup, the remaining turkey stock, salt, and pepper to taste.

~ Once all bubbling and fully thickened, add milk/cream and however much stock you want to the consistency you want.

~ When I froze this, I added nearly two more cups of turkey stock to reconstitute it. (Thank goodness; it lasted two days!)


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